How Often Should you Change Your Toothbrush?

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The whole point of Brusher Club is to help the world change their electric toothbrush heads every three months like the American and Canadian Dental Associations recommend; but why do these organizations (made up of Dentists) say every three months? The answer is simple; removing more plaque equals healthier teeth. So how does an old toothbrush compare to a new toothbrush?

There have been many studies done on how the efficiency of plaque removal decreases with use of a toothbrush. Like this very long wordy one:

If you would like a quick summary take a look at this picture from an electron microscope image of a worn toothbrush vs a brand new one:

How often you should change your toothbrush

photo credit: Applied Science/YouTube

Basically after three months of brushing two or more times per day would be like trying to clean a window with a hair brush. It just doesn't work.

Let’s talk about plaque. Plaque is the transparent layer of bacteria that coats the teeth. It is especially rampant directly after you eat. If you do not remove plaque regularly it will harden and turn into something called tartar. This will eat away at your gums and literally DISSOLVE the bone in your jaw that holds your teeth.

So remember to change your toothbrush every three months to efficiently remove plaque! If you need a hand remembering when to change your brush, our business will take all the stress out of it. Keep on smiling!


 Remember to change your toothbrush every 3 months



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