The New Oral B Smart Toothbrush – High Tech Oral Care

The New Oral B Smart Toothbrush – High Tech Oral Care

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Technology has significantly improved over the past decade and has entered various spheres of our lives. It has given us the possibility to communicate with people with great ease, measure various training results, and even keep track of our health. All of these things that were unimaginable in the past have become normal parts of our lives.

This is why Oral B decided to implement the latest technology in their toothbrushes and help people further improve their oral health. They unveiled their new smart toothbrush at the latest MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona. The company presented their new gadget and all its unique possibilities. This might sound like a strange concept to you at first, but there are some benefits to this technology, which we will explore in following paragraphs.

What is the toothbrush equipped with?

The toothbrush is equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometers and a Bluetooth connector. The gyroscope and accelerometer follow the movement of the toothbrush and sends the data via Bluetooth to the smartphone.

Additionally, the Oral B smartphone application utilizes your smartphone’s camera to measure the location of the toothbrush in your mouth precisely. By receiving all this information from different sensors, the application can display statistics about your brushing session, which will help you improve your brushing technique.

Another interesting feature is that the handle is equipped with pressure sensors, which we will get into later.

What is the basic functionality?

The New Oral B Smart Toothbrush – High Tech Oral Care

The batteries are designed to last for 30 brushing sessions, each lasting 2 minutes. Whenever you reach the 2 minute threshold, you are going to be notified that you should stop the brush. The pressure sensors are there to make sure that you do not damage your teeth and gums.

Whenever you press the toothbrush too hard against your teeth, three levels of warning will notify you that you should lower the pressure. If you are applying too much pressure, the first thing that goes off is the warning light.

If you continue brushing with the same amount of pressure, the motor begins pulsing and eventually, if you are persistent with the pressure, the brush will go into a slower mode, ensuring that you do not cause an injury. Upon completing the brushing session, a cool projection of your jaw is presented on the smartphone screen, showing which of your teeth didn’t get the right amount of brushing. The application gives a score at the end.

Do you need this brush?

The usual Oral-B toothbrushes come at a price of $30. On the other hand, this toothbrush comes at a price of $250. This is quite the price tag, and if you are wondering whether it is a good investment, we can say that choice is up to you. The toothbrush is as effective as the other regular toothbrushes, but it does give a lot of details about every brushing session, which can help you develop great habits and polish your brushing technique.

This can provide some long-term oral health benefits, but a slight improvement might not be worth the investment for everyone. Another good thing is that this smart toothbrush can turn toothbrushing into a fun and entertaining activity.

There is a small amount of gamification, as the application presents scores of previous brushing sessions, which may engage you to reach higher scores every time, making you clean teeth better every time. It is a nice way to motivate your kids to develop good brushing habits. So, if you want the ultimate toothbrushing experience, this is the best option out there, as it comes with a great amount of details about every toothbrushing session.

On the other hand, if you do not want to spend so much money and you do not care about the detailed information this toothbrush has to offer, you can stick to your usual toothbrush and save some money. The good thing is that the brush is compatible with existing brush heads.

It is interesting to see where technology is headed. The fact that a lot of dentists from around the world were present at the MWC Oral-B booth is a testament to the potential of this new line of smart toothbrushes. If you want the ultimate toothbrush that will help your teeth stay perfectly healthy, this might be the best solution on the market.

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