What is the mission of Brusher Club? 

It's simple. We want to bring the best in premium dental care directly to you.

Everyone wants a perfect smile and a healthy mouth, but in a busy life it is easy to lose track of some steps. Brusher Club works with you. By sending reminders when it's time to change your brush head or restock on dental care supplies, we make sure that you can keep your mouth at its cleanest without any extra stress or worry. 

Brusher Club keeps you informed and empowers you to show the world your healthiest smile!

There is no fee to join, and shipping and handling are included in all of our prices. We ship to the United States. Shipping to Canada is available for a $5 USD fee. 
You can unsubscribe from physical and virtual mailings at any time. Annual subscriptions are billed on a one time basis. We will send a reminder at the end of the year to encourage you to renew. 
All of our brushes have soft bristles in accordance with American Dental Association recommendations.

The Brusher Club 100% Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with 100% of your purchases, and if you aren't, we will refund 100% of your money. That's the Brusher Club 100% guarantee. 


You can contact us any time at support@brusherclub.com 

Someone from our team will respond to you promptly.


We have many exciting things coming up so be sure to sign up for the Brusher Club mailing list!