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Electric toothbrush heads should be changed every three months! When brushes get too old the bristles wear out and they become almost useless. Brusher Club was started by a dentist who could never remember when that magic three month mark was. In a busy life, who can schedule toothbrush replacement months in advance?

Brusher Club does the remembering for you! When you sign up with Brusher Club you get premium replacement heads for the Phillips Sonicare or Oral B Electric toothbrush delivered right to your door every three months. 

There are a few new companies who promise to "revolutionize toothbrushing". Brusher Club is not out to build a better toothbrush. We know that consumers concerned with quality and durability will continue to use their Phillips and Oral B electric toothbrushes. 

You have enough to think about... Leave your toothbrush replacement to Brusher Club! 




For less than three dollars a month, Brusher Club will send replacement heads to you every time you need them. All you need to do is subscribe!